Price List

Here you will find our latest Price List which shows which inkjet & toner cartridges and mobile phones that we pay for. We can accept all types of cartridges for recycling, if the cartridge you have doesn't appear on this price list we will recycle it for free.

There are a couple of points that we would like to make you aware of before you continue, so please read carefully:

  • The items that we pay for can vary from month to month as can their value.
  • We make NO deductions for cartridges received that are not on our price list.
  • There are NO charges for collection, you just need at least 20 cartridges from our latest price list.
  • Broken cartridges do not have any value so please ensure your items are packed correctly before we come to collect (take a look at our Packaging Guidelines)
  • There is no value for refilled, remanufactured or compatible cartridges.
  • We encourage you to recycle old cardboard boxes for packaging your items.


  If you cannot open our price list you may need to download Adobe's PDF viewer.
If you need any assistance or require our Price List in another format
then please contact us.